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Les perles du big8

<rant> I don't mind the registry hack to alter the console font although this seems a little over the top. I do mind downloading a 4.3 meg font file (consolas) and being refused the right to install it as I don't have the required absurd Microsoft product installed. I also refuse to download 25megs of Powerpoint viewer just I can get this font for free. All for a console that is notable only for its most complete lack of features. </rant>
Most nude men created with programs such as Poser do look pretty fake, especially the cocks.
How can I create realistic-looking male computer-models for gay animations???
Group: comp.lang.fortran
Why can't the Fortarn community face facts and agree that Fortran's future consists of flat files in - flatfiles out mathematically intensive processing on a single machine with only primitive prettification of output (if any)?
Group: news.groups.proposals
given a cube, with the X-axis being posts, the Y-axis being readers, and the Z-axis being groups, the greatest number of desired intersections between reader and poster, and the least number of undesired intersections between reader and poster occur when the number of groups is large, the breadth of subscription is also large.
Group: alt.ascii-art
not least since it is the correlation between the ASCII values decided on, the information between the lines and columns so to speak, that both defines the quality of the ASCII art-piece and applies to an entity with low-level access to its own visual epistemology, specifically the ability of object unification, like a mechanical lifeform would have, in which case the algorithms for interpreting as well as creating such correlations would already be existing, and could then be combined with the byte decision algorithm to reach to a resolution enhancement superseding comprehension, whose intersubjectivity could be the object of a query, whether that be a retorical query or not.
I am not a TROLL, I might be lame, but I attribute that to arthritis and bursitis. Furthermore, I don't feel that it is necessary to defend my actions, considering the XNA was only an experiment, one which I have terminated. I don't desire to be labelled a troll although I can see why my posts may label me as such

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